Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Window Seat of the Perfect Present

The window seat of the "perfect present."
Living in the moment is vital.  Not one of us has any certainty beyond the present.  Yet I find myself thinking of the future.  When I move to Vermont, then I will be happy,  When I publish a book, then I will be successful.  When I make a lot of money, then I will feel secure.  Rarely do I find satisfaction in the moment.  That is why last night was so incredible.  I am in Vermont because my daughter is in the hospital here.  It is a stress filled time of uncertainties and decisions. The kindness of strangers has provided me a place to stay, and last night I experienced, in the midst of a life storm, perfection in the moment.  I sat in a window seat watching a thunder storm transverse the mountains as I read a book about a romance in Paris, eating chocolate, sipping red wine, and patting a purring cat.  The moment was perfect, and I was there in it.

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  1. Susan, I know exactly what you mean about being in the moment, and hinging current happiness on "what ifs." Nothing can take us to living in the moment as quickly as when one of our children is in crisis. It sounds like a terrible time -- so I'm very glad you've found some peace and support in your surroundings. I will be thinking of you, so please keep me posted.