Friday, June 3, 2011

My Book Club is FridayReads

I was fairly new to Twitter when I noticed a message from @thebookmaven (a.k.a. Bethanne Patrick) inviting me to share what I was reading, with the hashtag #FridayReads.  I loved Bethanne's cheerleading and hourly, if not more frequent, count of how many people had participated.  I shared.

Now I greet every Friday with TGI #FridayReads on my Twitter account.  I look forward to sharing what I'm reading, to seeing the count of how many have shared, and to the sometimes clever, sometimes simple reminders to participate.

FridayReads has expanded from Twitter (@fridayreads) to Facebook and Blogspot, too.  The FridayReads blog includes lists of the top titles being read (or listened to) worldwide each week, and synopses of the books which the FridayReads team members* are currently reading.  I've referred to both for ideas of what to read next.  But still my favorite is participating on Twitter.

#FridayReads has become my book group.  I enjoy sharing my reading, greeting other FridayReaders on Twitter each week, and spreading the word.   I think you'd enjoy participating, too. 

*The FridayReads Team
@thebookmaven (Bethanne Patrick)
@erinfaye (Erin Mitchell, In Real Life)
@bookmeme (Ian Lewis, Book Meme)
@bookladysblog (Rebecca Schinsky, The Book Lady's Blog)
@shelfmagazine (Shelf Unbound)

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  1. Me too! I try to read a book and week and always start on a Friday because of #FridayReads