Monday, June 20, 2011

Creaky Old House

What a fun book this is.  Creaky Old House: A Topsy-Turvey Tale of a Real Fixer-Upper by Linda Ashman is a rhyming adventure of a simple home-repair taking on bigger and bigger proportions. 

"Our house is kind of old and creaky.
Porch is sloping, roof is leaky.
Windows drafty, shutters peeling.
There's a crack across the ceiling.
Paint's a little chipped and faded.
Might say it's dilapidated.
Still, each one of us -- all nine --
thinks the house is fine, just fine."

The family of nine thinks their house is just fine until a doorknob falls to the floor.  They look in the shed for one screw, and that begins a chain of events gone wild.  Michael Chesworth's ink, watercolor and pencil pictures, reminiscent of Richard Scarry's style, provide a smorgasbord of comical images to illustrate the text. 

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  1. Too funny! I live in a house that I think is a lot like this one and I might just need to buy this book for my husband! Sounds hilarious!