Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day in Paris!

For so long I've dreamt of traveling to Paris that now it seems almost unbelievable to actually be here. This photo of me, standing on a bridge spanning the Seine, is the spot where I first saw the Eiffle Tower. Look closely, and you'll notice it behind me in the distant sky. I made it to the Louvre on my first day, and was quite moved to walk the historic Palace and art mecca I've imagined for so long. Arriving late in the day, there was no line to enter, and a very small crowd around the Mona Lisa. Two other top picks I saw were the Winged Victory and the Wedding at Cana. I've got so many stories to share already, but I'm on a thirty minute internet limit. However, now that I know my tech works, I plan to post each day I'm here. I'm blogging from Paris. Now that is cool! Au revoir until tomorrow.

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