Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An American (Library) in Paris

Just a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower is the American Library in Paris. Being a librarian and a bibliophile I, of course, have made it a priority to visit. I doubt it makes many tourist's "must see" lists. I'm writing on one of the library's two Internet stations, and luckily no one else is waiting to use the computers because it is slow going on this French keyboard! But what an adventure. I'll have photos and details to share later, when I'm typing from my laptop and don't have to keep searching for keys. For now I will leave you with the library's web site so that you may visit virtually. And yes, I am wondering if there are any job openings here. Wouldn't that be quite the gig!


  1. Susan!! What a fanastic adventure you are having. Thanks for sharing. If I were there I'd be taking hundreds of photos and collecting beverage coasters instead of delivering and picking up book bins like I do at GM. If you happen to dine somewhere that has beverage coasters would you please bring them back here to me...please? I collect them from all over the world via the greatest librarians who travel abroad. And then you can teach me how to blog!! {well done}

  2. Hey, Susan. I'm so jealous that you are among such wonderful art. .. Renoir! (I am surprised that they let you take a picture in the museum.)

    KG says hi. I know who wants the coaster; this person stopped by today to see you and pick up an English pub coaster from DK.

    We are enjoying your travel news - but don't spend too much time on the computer. As Auntie Mame would say, "Live, Live, LIVE!"

    Catch up with you later. -bk

  3. So that would be "le gig"?? Glad to hear about the American Library adventure (shouldn't they have English keyboards?). Had a good flight back to DC - have a great day tomorrow. DH