Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Your Web Site's Personality?

Can you describe your web site's personality?  The Web Manager's Academy at Computers in Libraries 2011 distributed a handout based on William Slawski's blog post What Kind of Personality Does Your Website Have?  Based on each, here are a selection of questions to ask of your site.

  • Is it cold or warm and welcoming?
  • Does it attempt to evoke emotions in visitors or persuade them with facts?
  • Is it cooperative or competitive?
  • Is it responsive to questions, to criticism, to praise?
  • Is it more like a peer talking to you directly or like a parent lecturing you?
  • Is it inviting for first time visitors?  Why?
  • Does it provide reasons for people to return?  How?
  • Does it change over time, of is it fixed and unchanging?
  • Is it written for a male, female or general audience?
  • Does it speak to a younger crowd or and older group?
  • Is it innovative in scope or design?
  • Is it innovative in what it offers?
  • Is it graceful in design or practical in appearance?
  • Is its focus upon the benefits it offers users?
  • Is its focus on the features of the organization to which it belongs?

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