Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bear of My Heart

This is not a Valentine's Book, per se, but it fits the holiday beautifully.  Written by Joanne Ryder and illustrated by Margie Moore, it's a poetry picture book recommended for ages 3 - 6.  It works well for reading aloud to a story time group.

"There are so many bears in the world, dear, but there's no other one that will do.  You are the bear of my heart, dear, and I am the one who loves you.

"I have so many stories to tell you.  I know wonderful places to see. And because we can see them together, they'll be nicer for you and for me.

"Let's race in the sun and be happy. Let's splash in the stream and drip dry. Let's roll down a hill and be silly. Let's lie and watch clouds drifting by.

"Let's sit nose to nose and share secrets. Let's wish on a star, eyes shut tight. Let's whisper our dreams in the darkness. Let's snuggle together at night.

"If you need me, I'll be there beside you.  If you're lonely, I'll hug you awhile. If you're lost, I will be there to guide you.  If you're sad, I won't quit till you smile.

"Paw in paw, we will greet every morning.  Paw in paw, we will meet every day. You are the bear of my heart, dear, and nothing can take that away.

"No matter how big you may grow, dear, or whether we're near or apart, I will love you forever and ever, for YOU are the bear of my heart."

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