Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yours 'til . . .

Whether for love or friendship, I enjoy giving Valentine's greetings.  In a used book store I came across a little book of Valentine sentiments called Yours 'till the Ice Cracks: A Book of Valentines by Laura Geringer, illustrated by Andrea Baruffi and published in 1992 by HarperCollins.  A few of my favorites:

Be my valentine.  Yours 'til the desert disappears.

Be my valentine.  Yours 'til the moon melts.

Be my valentine.  Yours 'til the sky falls.

What can you come up with? Yours 'til . . .


  1. Be my valentine. Yours 'til the computer explodes.

  2. Be my Valentine. Yours 'til the snow falls green.

  3. Be my Valentine. Yours 'til I read all the books ever written.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Hope you have been keeping safe in the SNOW! Just wanted to let you know: I own the book Yours till the Ice cracks! Have always meant to give it to my niece when she is older and can read it. Enjoy your long weekend - and talk soon! (and hope your horse is doing okay with the weather too)