Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turtle's Penguin Day

Little Turtle is so inspired by the book about Penguins his father reads at bedtime that he dreams he is a penguin. The next day Little Turtle goes to school pretending to be a penguin, and all the children in his class cry, "We want to be penguins too!" Their teacher, Ms. Dog, reads to them about penguins, and they spend the rest of the day applying what they've learned. One of my favorites is when "they all tried to pass balls to each other using just their feet the way penguins do with their eggs."

I like this book for its direct link between reading and learning and fun. I like the colorful and cheerful illustrations. I like the creative use of "penguin colors" for the cover, and the polka-dots for the end pages. The book finishes with one page of Penguin Facts.

Turtle's Penguin Day
by Valeri Gorbachev (2008)
Recommended for ages 4 - 8
ISBN 9780375843747

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