Sunday, December 28, 2008

Resolutions for Resolutions

Mo Rocca has the right idea. Skip resolutions for yourself, and make them for others. He made a few today on CBS Sunday Morning.

What about you?

As for myself, I first thought about making a resolution NOT to make resolutions. But I did that for 2008, and as the saying goes, if you aim at nothing you're sure to hit it.

So for 2009 I've decided to make a few. But just a few so as to aim well.

To help in meeting my 2009 resolutions (only to be listed on this blog once they are met), I have checked out from the library a book I saw on the shelf while helping a customer find a different title. The book is The Productivity Handbook: New Ways of Leveraging Your Time, Information, & Communications by Donald E. Wetmore (2005 by Random House).

I once was highly organized. For example, I exercised daily, I prayed daily, all my photos were labeled in albums, and the towels in the linen closet faced the same direction. But I've lost that, and now find myself bouncing from one pile to the next, rarely completing anything. So for 2009 it is time to focus and produce.

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