Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Best of Law and Technology

"The Zen Librarian searched for nothing on the web and received 27,987,384 hits." This is one of my favorite librarian related jokes from The Laughing Librarian-- and it illustrates the information overload of our online society.

Those who predicted the demise of librarians because of the World Wide Web are wrong. More than ever, librarians are needed to sift through all that is available to best meet the needs and requests of the end-users.

It is to that end that I am attending the 23rd annual Computers In Libraries conference. In just the first three-hour seminar titled Monitoring & Current Awareness: Leveraging Blogs, RSS, Email Alerts and News Sources by Law Librarian Sabrina I. Pacifici (founder, editor and publisher of and author of beSpacific -- providing law and technology resources and news, respectively) I have a plethora of resources to share here and use serving my customers in the library.

So to begin, check-out: - "Law and technology resources for legal professionals"

beSpacific - "Accurate, focused law and technology news".

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