Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Woman to Win Pulitzer

Writer Edith Wharton was the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize, awarded to her in 1921 for The Age of Innocence. Born to an established New York family in 1862, Wharton's books chronicled the society in which she lived, often mocking the absurdities of trading one's true self for wealth and position. In all Wharton wrote more than 40 volumes, consisting of novels, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. She received the French Legion of Honor for her work during World War I, and an honorary doctorate from Yale in 1923, the first woman to do so.

Wharton's best known works include:

The House of Mirth (1905)
Ethan Frome (1911)
Summer (1917)
The Age of Innocence (1920)
Old New York (1924)

Which of her works have touched you?


  1. Great books - Have any besides Age of Innocence been made into movies?

  2. Yes, six of Edith Wharton's books have been made into movies. They are:

    The Age of Innocence (1983)
    138 minutes;
    VHS and DVD;
    Sony Pictures Home Video.

    The Children (1990)
    90 minutes;
    Isolde Films.

    Ethan Frome (1992)
    107 minutes;
    Facets Multimedia, Inc.

    The Buccaneers (1995)
    288 minutes;
    CBS/FOX Videos;
    Produced by BBC and WGBH Boston.

    House of Mirth (2000)
    140 minutes;
    VHS and DVD;
    Sony Pictures Home Video.

    The Old Maid (1939)
    96 minutes;
    MGM Home Entertainment.

    See Http;//
    Books to Film: Edith Wharton